Preserving a pitcher’s arm – maybe not rocket science but still inexact

After all these decades of baseball, the best way to preserve and use a pitcher’s arm still is a remarkably inexact science. Injury rates continue to rise, even as methods become more sophisticated.

Pitch count was tracked for the first time in 1988 by Stats, LLC. Since that year, the number of times a starter throws more than 125 pitches has shrunk progressively … and dramatically.

There hasn’t been a season with more than 74 of those games since 2001, after years of triple digits. Still, injury rates climb. So simply limiting the bullets in the gun is no panacea.

Author Matt Spiegel leans toward fusing what Nolan Ryan and the Baltimore Orioles are doing:

You have to throw to be strong, while using something like biomechanics to save your ace from himself.

Read Spiegel’s Daily Herald story.

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