Rockies return to five-man rotation but keep ridiculous 75-pitch limit for starters

Writes David Martin:

The news of the day, besides the Rockies sweep, came from the dugout before the game. Rockies manager Jim Tracy announced before the game that the club will return to the conventional 5-man rotation. It sounded like the first step toward rationality that anyone had heard from the Rockies since they announced the hair-brained idea. However, the happy news was quickly squelched when Tracy announced the next part.

A four-man rotation is done, but the starting pitchers will still be limited to 75 pitches. The logic makes no sense. The idea behind the pitch limit previously was that if the starters were going to be going every fourth day, they would need to not throw as many pitches so that they would be fresh for their next time out.

Read the Colorado Springs Gazette story.


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